Gift wrap for leather mosaic necklace

When I have a time I try to wrap up the sold items with handcrafted gift wrap. I love to create something special that will match the purchased item. And here is the example: I packed this mosaic necklace into a handcrafted cardboard envelope, which contains the same tiles (but made from cardboard) as the necklace and some yarn stripes. Today I sent this package to the USA.

Leather earrings - Christmas edition

Since the holiday season is around the corner, we have just listed some holiday items for you. So, if you are looking for small but cute Christmas gift for someone special (or maybe for yourself?) here is it! =) Dangle leather feather earrings are coming with a gift box and you can send it anywhere (just remember to provide the address when you buy) You can also add some note if you would like. And if you need the matching bracelet, it's also available. All this jewelry are now on 30% OFF SALE and you can buy it via my Etsy Shop

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